GTA 4 Cheats For All Devices

Get all cheats from Grand Theft Auto IV for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC.

So you want to want to try something new that makes the game more fun? Well, there are many cheats available for you to try out and to have fun with them.

For example, you can spawn yourself the fastest motorcycle in the game and outrun the cops very fast. Or you could spawn a helicopter to escape your enemies. Sadly, in GTA 4 there are no airplanes. Means, no plane cheats.

To use these cheats, you simply have to open your mobile phone in-game. Then type in the number of the cheat and call it. After that the cheat will be enabled and if you want to use that cheat again, you just have to go to the section called “Cheats” in your phone.

Windows / PlayStation 3 / Xbox 360
Full health and armor3625550100
Full health, armor, and ammunition4825550100
Weapons tier 14865550100
Weapons tier 24865550150
Remove Niko's wanted level2675550100
Add one star to Niko's wanted level2675550150
Spawn Annihilator police helicopter3595550100
Spawn Cognoscenti2275550142
Spawn Comet2275550175
Spawn FBI Buffalo2275550100
Spawn Jetmax9385550100
Spawn NRG-9006255550100
Spawn Sanchez6255550150
Spawn SuperGT2275550168
Spawn Turismo2275550147
Change weather and brightness4685550100

The Ballad of Gay Tony Cheats

Explosive sniper rifle shots4865552526
Super punch2765552666
Spawn Akuma bike6255550200
Spawn APC2725558265
Spawn Bullet GT2275559666
Spawn Buzzard helicopter3595552899
Spawn Floater boat9385550150
Spawn parachute3595557272
Spawn Vader bike6255553273

The Lost and Damned Cheats

Spawn Burrito8265550150
Spawn Double T bike2455550125
Spawn Hakuchou bike2455550199
Spawn Hexer bike2455550150
Spawn Innovation bike2455550100
Spawn Slamvan8265550100