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Windowspc, windows, computer
PlayStation 4ps4, ps 4, playstation 4
Xbox Onexbox one, xbone, xone
PlayStation 3ps3, ps 3, playstation 3
Xbox 360xbox 360, x360, 360
PlayStation Portablepsp, playstation portable
Nintendo DSds, nds, nintendo ds
PlayStation 2ps2, ps 2, playstation 2
Xboxxbox, xbox1, xbox 1
PlayStationps1, ps, playstation 1, playstation
Apple iOSios, apple ios
GameBoy Advancegameboy, game, boy, advance, gameboy advance,
Apple macOSapple, mac, os, macos, apple macos
Dreamcastsega, dreamcast, sega dreamcast
GameBoy Colorgameboy, nintendo, color, gameboy color